Canola Oil….Good or Evil!

canolaIt’s in everything.  If you read labels on processed food, salad dressings, cookies, crackers, junk food, cereal, pet food etc. then you know I am talking about CANOLA OIL,  also known as Rapeseed oil.

It is, in my books, EVIL!

I avoid canola oil at all cost.  I bet you want me to tell you why.  And I certainly will.

If there is one oil that will stunt your life expectancy then this is it.  Canola oil, in health circles, is known as FRANKENFOOD.  Without research and testing,  Canola oil was approved by the USDA in 1995.  Almost all Canola crop is genetically modified to be more disease and drought resistant.  We do not know what the GMO oil is doing to human DNA.  We do know that cows that are fed  lots of canola oil in their feed become sick as they cannot metabolize it….who knows what it is doing to the human body.

Canola oil turns rancid very quickly.  It is a delicate oil developed through the hybridization of rape seed (the name canola is derived from – oil from Canada).  Rancidity is not the only problem with canola oil.  The oil is processed with deodorizers.

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation website and an article titled THE GREAT CON-OLA…it is said that canola oil is a poisonous substance, an industrial oil that does not belong in the body.  It contains chemical warfare agent mustard gas, hemagglutinins and toxic cyanide-containing glycocides; it causes mad cow disease, blindness, nervous disorders, clumping of blood cells, depression of the immune system.  This is what detractors say about canola oil.

So what is it doing on our grocery store shelves and why is it in baby formula, processed foods etc.  Because it is cheap to manufacture.

When you are considering oil for cooking and salad dressing there are some things to consider.

1.  It better not be GMO.

2.  Choose cold pressed or extra virgin.

3.  The oil should be in a dark glass container.

4. Choose organic.

5.  I would not opt for canola oil at all.

Whenever we go out for dinner, which is not too often anymore, knowing what is in the foods in restaurants nowadays….I always take my own salad dressing.  That is to ensure that I am not eating canola oil.  Most ready made salad dressings are produced with canola oil and I do not want canola oil in my body.  Not now, not ever!

My oils of choice are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Walnut Oil, Sesame Oil and I have been known to use Ghee as well.






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