changeNow that the calendar has flipped over to January 2014, all the festivities of the holiday season are behind us and we head into the year with intentions of new beginnings……I bring to you my take on CHANGE.

Life is constantly changing.  Learning to accept the changes and allow the old ways to pass on and the new ways to move in is essential to finding balance and peace of mind.  At this time of year many of us make big plans for CHANGE.  We start the new year hoping to stick to resolutions to quit a bad habit, lose weight, start a healthy habit etc.  There is proof that not many of us can stick to the resolutions we set for ourselves.  We start out fast and furiously on January 1st and by mid-month things have already started to fall apart and we tend to fall back into our old patterns.  We get angry with ourselves for not having will power and then we accept that  life goes on the same way as it did last year.  Ho Hum.

CHANGE is a daily occurrence.  Weather changes, stock markets change, fashion changes, relationships change, jobs change, new friends come into your life and some of your old friends may exit stage left.  CHANGE is something we experience all the time.

The biggest CHANGE for me in my life thus far is when my health changed.  Suddenly I was no longer “footloose and fancy free”.  When you hear the old adage “when you don’t have your health you have nothing” it holds much merit when you find yourself in a health crisis.

For the first year post diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis I tried to keep life just as it had been for many many years….”footloose and fancy free”.  We lived a highly social lifestyle full of grand parties, travel and lots of revelling with a fun gang of people.  It was lot’s of fun but seriously….who was I trying to kid?  This lifestyle just could not continue if I was to salvage any semblance of my health and energy for the future.  My honey and I had to do some real soul searching.  We had many a serious conversation about the lifestyle and could we change….we had to change….not just for my health but for his too.  We were killing ourselves one cocktail at a time.

On June 25th, 2009 we walked in the opposite direction of the life we were living to the life we are living now.  It was the most pivitol CHANGE we have ever made.  We decided that we really wanted and needed a life with less drama.  We needed to walk away from the intensity of the social life to a life of health promoting peace and tranquillity.  Trust me…it was darn tough to do but together we knew we could do it and we did it.   I went through times of depression, feeling left out, missing out, lonely and misplaced.  But my honey pulled me through those times.  He was relieved that we were away from the wasted days and wasted nights that came with the party lifestyle.

Now as we near the  5 year mark of “CHANGE” we are healthier, happier and doing more “living” than we ever did in our past.  We enjoy the smaller things in life like curling up with a good book, going to movies, vegan healthy home cooking, peace and quiet, quality rest, meditation (me), nature, waking each and every morning feeling refreshed.  We have no aches and pains, no need for medications, no worries about what that crazy old lifestyle was doing to our health etc.  We are travelling more now than ever and seeing more sights than ever.  Life is good!

It’s interesting to note that the new friendships we are forming along this new path are with people who share the same lifestyle habits as us.  It is a real pleasure to be with like minded people yearning for simplicity and quality of life.  The old “keeping up with the Jones” mentality is NO MORE.

Learning to accept and love ourselves with our flaws, my disability etc. and embracing our new healthier lifestyle has been life CHANGING. Even with a debilitating condition like MS life can be full of magic.  That’s not to say that I don’t have days when I am blue….we all have days like that.  All in all our CHANGE was a big one and has been a blessing and will continue to be a blessing day after day.

I wish you the strength to carry through with the CHANGES you need to make to live your life to the fullest, happily, healthy and whole.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  John F. Kennedy

“When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl


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