Antioxidants in Fruit

berriesEating fruit is a long proven healthy habit but this little video clip from gives us information worth storing in our “healthy eating arsenal”.  I knew berries were high on the antioxidant scale but this little clip may surprise you about which one you should eat more of.  I had no idea that this particular berry was so powerful.  I will certainly up my intake of this powerhouse berry every day.  Up until now I have used this berry as an “accessory” to my fruit intake rather than the “main ingredient”.

If you are finding it difficult to get berries into your daily diet…try adding them to a smoothie, a salad, on cereal, in yogurt, freeze and eat as a frozen treat, make popsicles with pureed berries etc.  Snacking on berries makes sense…so instead of reaching for the bag of potato chips….go to your fruit bowl and munch on berries.  Your body will thank you.


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