Broccoli Sprouts…the biggest bang for your buck!

sproutsI have a garden on my kitchen counter.  I grow broccoli sprouts every 5 days.  While I’m enjoying the ripe sprouts on my salads I have another batch growing in my glass jar on the counter.  It is a revolving little garden.  Very easy to tend to and very nutritious.  A huge bang for your buck as you will see by watching the 2 minute clip from one of my favorite web sites.

Broccoli sprouts are a cruciferous vegetable with significant amounts of sulforaphane.  This is a known cancer fighter helping the liver detox toxins from our body.    These powerful little sprouts help keep cholesterol in check, they are good cardiovascular support.  They fight against H. Pylori bacteria found in ulcers.  They help the lungs therefore being good respiratory support.  As a vegan I need to be mindful of my protein intake and these little sprouts are high in protein…believe it or not…. so they help me get enough protein to keep up my energy.  And these little powerhouse sprouts are also good for eye health.

Wow….and they grow so easily right on my kitchen counter with very little TLC.  Just a water rinse every morning and night and they grow right in the sprouting jar.   Amazing.  Inexpensive.  Powerful!!!!


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