Alphabet Gratitude

alphabetI was lounging in bed this morning for a few minutes before getting up for the day and was mulling over all the things in my life I feel grateful for.  Then it came to me that I should play a little game of “Alphabet Gratitude”.  What I mean by this is to go from A to Z listing something that I am grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet.  So I did just that.  I was able to find something starting with each letter that I am definitely grateful for in my life.  Give it a try and see if you can feel grateful.  This little exercise put me in a great mood.  It made me wake up to the goodness in my life.

A – ASSISTANCE AND APPRECIATION…..Now that I am a little weakened by MS, I have to depend on my sweetie for ASSISTANCE. I am so APPRECIATIVE of all he does to help me on a daily basis.  Thank you dear!

B –  BROTHERS…..I have three. And I have a step-brother too.   I love them all to bits.  They are handsome, witty, loving men….so important in my life for too many reasons to list here.  Love you brothers!

C – CHILDREN….although I did not have any of my own….I do have three step-children that I have been around for 23 years now.  They were all so young when I became part of their lives.  Now they are adults with children of their own.  I love them all and I appreciate their love and support regarding my life with their father etc.

D – DOGS….of which we have two sweet Shih Tzus, Quincy and Riley who give us that unconditional love that only dogs can give.  We enjoy them so much.  We think of our older pups in doggy heaven…Jackson and Tucker too.  Dogs are great.

E – ELIZABETH….the best of friends.  She is a diamond in the jewelry box of friends.  Elizabeth is caring, considerate, helpful, kind, supportive, a good listener, loyal, funny, adventurous and so much more.  You’ve heard it said that if you have one good friend in your life then you are rich.  I feel rich knowing Elizabeth is by my side.

F – FAMILY….I am blessed to have a close family.  I know they have my back and I have theirs.  I could add more here but I know that they know I’m grateful for each of them.

G – GRATITUDE….Living in a state of gratitude on a daily basis helps me focus on the blessings in my life instead of dwelling on the things I did not plan for that are not so nice.  Despite the fact that I am fighting a battle with Multiple Sclerosis….I am practicing daily gratitude.  I appreciate the goodness and accept that life changes.  I am learning to embrace my life with MS and I realize that things could always be worse.  Gratitude helps.

H – HEALTH….You’ve heard it said “if you don’t have your health you have nothing” or a variation of that quote.  It is so true so be grateful for your health if you still have it and look after yourself.  I’m grateful that I have the willpower to continue powering through my MS and striving for good health.

I – IMMUNITY…The human body is an amazing thing.  Think about your immune system and all that it does.  Something to be grateful for.

J – JOY….Without joy in your heart how can you find happiness.  I’m grateful that I can find joy in so many things.

K – KALE…My new best food friend.  I am grateful for Kale and for all the powerful nutrients it contains.  I include my buddy kale in my daily diet through green juices, smoothies and kale salads.  Yummy!

L – LOVE…Ahhhhhh love.  Need I say more.  Grateful….you bet.

M – MOM….My Mom is such a special lady.  I’m so happy that I have a close relationship with my Mom.  I could turn this into a full page article.  Just believe me when I say I’m grateful for my MOM!

N – NOVELS….I am in a phase right now where reading novels is a big part of my life.  I love getting absorbed in books.  I go through periods where all I read are health and spirituality books but right now I’m into novels.  I’m grateful for all of the talented writers out there who entertain us with their stories.

O – ONIONS….They are so versatile.  So good for you.  So tasty.

P – PATIENCE….I’m grateful for people with patience.  In this fast paced world there are so many people in panic mode.  It is nice to catch up with folks who remain calm and patient under any condition.  I’m grateful for patience.  It is a healthy state of mind to aspire to be in.

Q – QUIET….I love my quiet times.  Our life use to be full of revelling.  Now we live a beautifully peaceful existence and I just love the quiet times.  I love being with others but I thoroughly enjoy being alone with myself too.  I love meditation and the quiet space in that practice.

R – REST…Oh isn’t napping sublime.  I am grateful for rest.  I love the feeling of rejuvenation after a good rest.  It is so important to get enough rest each day.  With MS rest is very important so I don’t feel the least bit guilty if I feel a nap coming on.  Getting enough hours of rest at night is important too.  I’m grateful for rest.

S – SISTERS….I have three amazing sisters.  And a step-sister too.  They are each so unique.  I love them all.  I admire them.  Look up to them.  Trust them.  Learn from them.  I’m grateful for my beautiful sisters.  They are my girlfriends too.

T – TEMPEH….As a vegan I’m always looking for protein sources when I prepare my meals.  Tempeh is a fermented soybean cake which works great in so many recipes.  I’m grateful that it is available to vegans.

U – UNDERSTANDING….I’m grateful that I have friends and family that are understanding.  When I need to ask for assistance they understand why and are always up for the challenge.  Much appreciated.

V – VITAMINS…I’m grateful that there are excellent quality vitamins available to help us get all the nutrients we need in today’s stressed and nutrient depleted world.

W – WINDOWS….I’m so grateful for windows.  It would be so dreary if our homes did not have the windows to look out  or to let the sun shine in.  Windows also make up part of the outer walls of our safe havens.  I’m grateful.

X – XRAYS….I’m not crazy about getting zapped with radiation during an xray but on a positive note I’m grateful for technology inventing the Xray to help out with medical diagnosis.

Y – YELLOW….The colour yellow is so bright and cheery.  We see it in flowers, the sun, birds, fruit and vegetables and so much more.  I’m grateful for yellow.

Z – ZEBRAS…I think Zebras are the most attractive animal.  When we were in Africa a few years ago we were fortunate to see zebras up close and they are stunning beasts.  I have decorative pieces with the zebra stripe and I love them.  I’m grateful for zebras and all animals….really.

Wow….that was fun to do.  It makes you think outside the box.  To look for things in your midst that make a difference to your day, your recipe, your home, your health, your family, your physical body etc.






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  1. Antoinette December 23, 2013 at 1:38 pm #


    What lovely words to find in my in-box this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your gratitude and appreciation with us.

    You have inspired me to write my own Alphabet Gratitude.


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