BEANSAs a vegan I consume a lot of beans in my daily nutrition regime.  I include them as topping on a salad, made into a spread such as hummus, used in  casserole recipes or pressed into veggie burgers…..I get my fair share of beans.  I have developed an insatiable craving for them in all forms.  I prefer to soak and boil my beans from scratch but from time to time I find ready made beans in tetra packaging and will add those to my pantry for convenience.    I avoid canned foods at all cost now.  The lining of the can is not healthy and many canned foods have added sodium.

Many people avoid beans because of their “gaseous” nature in the digestive track but the more beans you eat the better your system gets at handling beans.  Beans are full of fiber and are protein rich.  As a vegan it is a great food to consume regularly to insure you get enough protein and fiber in your diet.  Beans are similar to meat when comparing calories but they contain so much more fiber and water content.  Those two ingredients make you feel fuller and satiated without feeling deprived.  Meat does not contain any fiber where beans have about 12 grams of fiber per cup which is about half of the recommended daily intake of fiber.  Beans are digested slowly which keeps you satisfied longer than if you ate the same amount of meat.  Beans are also absent of all of that saturated fat that meat has so beans are good for your heart health and your waistline.

Beans are high in phytochemicals….antioxidants.  Three types of beans ranked highest on the antioxidant content scale.   Small red beans, red kidney beans and pinto beans.  And ranking in the top 40 foods for antioxidant value is the black bean, navy bean and black eyed peas.


I’ve included a short little video below, positive reinforcement on the benefits of beans.  I hope you will take the 2 minutes to watch it.

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