Rethink that trip to your favorite fast food outlet!

ChickenDo you, your spouse, children or grandchildren eat Chicken McNuggets?   If the answer is yes then this video below is a must watch for you.  Even if you don’t eat McNuggets….this video is worth watching.  I think, after viewing this short clip, you may think twice about visiting your favorite fast food outlet….or I like to call them “fake food outlets”.

Mike Adams of Natural News does great investigative work with regards to natural health.  He does a fantastic job of uncovering nasty data on “fake” food and over the counter drugs and pharmaceuticals too.  He is a man on a mission to clean up the diets of Americans (and Canadians).  I give Mike a ton of credit.

How does that make you feel?  Hungry for Chicken McNuggets????  I think not.

You can make your own “chicken” fingers at home with good quality skinless, boneless chicken breast.

Myself, being gluten free and vegan, don’t indulge in things like this but….I know if I make them for my hubby he enjoys them…once in a while.

Nothing is better then wholesome food made at home from scratch.  Get away from the processed and fake foods to get healthy and stay healthy.



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