Spirulina – A Superfood!

 Green….the colour of one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet….  SPIRULINA.

When you hear the phrase “eat your greens” there is a ton of merit to it.

Spirulina is a form of blue green algae found in the ocean and sometimes in lakes.  It is a single-celled super-algae containing a very concentrated complete protein, 8 essential amino acids and over 65% protein by weight.  It contains high levels of antioxidants such as beta-carotene and xeaxanthin.  Spirulina packs a powerful immune system supportive punch.  Spirulina helps to purify blood because of its high amount of chlorophyll and contains the necessary Omega-6 fatty acid Gamma-linolenic Acid.

A vegan or vegetarian could have a vitamin B-12 deficiency and this can be quite easily fixed with regular ingestion of spirulina.  It is rich in protein and iron which some vegans have a difficult time getting enough of as well.

Spirulina has very powerful immune boosting qualities.  It has unique ability to support cellular functioning and fight infections.  It is an energy booster as well.   Blue green algae is used to help many diseases and conditions such as fighting viral infections, mental alertness and promoting new blood cell production.

Any green food such as spirulina and chlorella must be from a clean source free of toxic chemicals so you must be very sure of where the source of your algae is coming from.  Using just any spirulina and chlorella is not advised.  Research the source because if you are taking blue green algae from a contaminated source it can be very toxic to your body and do more harm than good.  Using a good organic spirulina like one found from www.naturalnews.com is a sure bet of a clean and toxic free product.  Natural News carries the best of the best.  This company researches and tests all products for purity.  Nothing on this website is without intense scrutiny before it is offered to consumers.

I highly recommend adding a green product to your daily diet.  I personally mix it up a bit.  I will take chlorella for a period of time and then switch to taking spirulina for a period of time.  Both are great blood builders, body boosters and brain food.    I love what they do for me.

Here are the benefits:

1.  Rich in antioxidants

2.  Great antimicrobial properties

3.  Kills yeast infections

4.  Improves your respiratory system

5.  A wealth of nutrition

6.  Regulates blood sugar

7.  Good for weight loss

8.  Promotes health teeth and bones

Definitely a superfood!


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  1. Roberta October 12, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    Thanks. Very informative. I found a non-GMO Amla-C with Spirulina product and am very happy. Mike does have good stuff at Natural News along with keeping us informed.

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