Love yourself!

loveRecently I  took part in the Hay House Summit listening to the most leading edge teachers in spirituality, authenticity, meditation etc. It was the most grounding and heart touching experience I’ve enjoyed in my journey towards wellness.  I picked up a lot of pointers on self-compassion, loving myself, accepting who I am, embracing my flaws and gaining a better understanding of happiness and how to manifest it in my day-to-day life.

Most of us go through life disliking ourselves for the silliest reasons.  For example, we self criticize ourselves for the way we look, our thighs are too big, our butts are too wide, our hair is too thin.  We are constantly spending money on lotions and potions, procedures etc. to try and better ourselves but in the long run….none of those potions or procedures change the way we see ourselves.  We still don’t find happiness in those so called quick fixes.   We get hung up with self-medicating ourselves with destructive habits such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, shopping addictions, eating junk foods etc.  These habits only soothe us in the moment but certainly do not make things any better.

The best way to find happiness is to learn to love who you are, what you are, the way you look, your likes and dislikes.  Embrace every part of you….from personality, looks, interests etc.  Those things are what makes you “you”.  We are all different…and thank goodness we are or it would be a pretty dull world.  Something else to consider is you can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself first.  We all have an inner critic and we have to learn to live in harmony with this critic.  We are so darn hard on ourselves.  We self-talk all day long, and not all good self-talk.  We get angry with ourselves for the simplest little fumbles and the big mistakes we make along life’s journey.   One of the greatest things we can do to help with this self critic is to practice “loving kindness meditation”.  It works.

Below is a link to a beautiful song by Karen Drukker called “Gentle with Myself”.  Lovely music, great lyrics.


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