kombuchaKombucha has absolutely amazing benefits.   It is a delicious beverage that has a history going back over 2000 years.  It has been consumed to fight against infection and chronic disease.  Chinese call Kombucha the “Immortal Health Elixer“.

Kombucha contains beneficial yeast.   It is loaded with active enzymes, amino acids, butyric acid, usnic acid, oxalic acid, malic acid, gluconic acid and lactic acid.  It also contains good probiotics.

This beverage is generally made in green tea.  It is a very low-glycemic beverage despite the fact that it is sweetened with cane juice and sometimes honey.

Kombucha is high in glucosamines which make it good for joints.  It is also good for digestion and nutrient absorption, fighting parasites in the gut.  It also strengthens immunity.  Kombucha  helps the body detoxify allowing the body to get rid of pathogens.

I drink a glass of Kombucha every day at what use to be my “cocktail hour”.  When I gave up wine for the betterment of my health, I replaced the wine habit with Kombucha.  Definitely a wise move.  I pour it into my favorite stemware and enjoy this health promoting elixir while I prepare our healthy dinner.  If we are going to a party I take a bottle of Kombucha with me and that is my cocktail.  I enjoy the flavor of this health promoting beverage and it is comforting to know that with each and every sip my health is benefiting.  I enjoy the ginger, cranberry, hibiscus and original flavors and now there is a new flavour…Chai.  Delicious!

Next time you are in a health food store or natural section of the grocery store look in the refrigeration section and see if you can find yourself a bottle or two of Kombucha to take home and try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Let me know what you think of it after you try it.  I’d love to hear your comments.

Stay healthy!

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