Facing a Post-Antibiotic Age!

antibioticIt is true…we are facing a time when antibiotics will not help us with the infections they were designed to remedy.  Scary thought.

Antibiotics have been over prescribed.  Antibiotics have been given to children and adults for things as simple as the common cold and flu.  These viruses are the kind that our bodies can fight on their own if given the right nutrition and proper rest needed to assist our immune systems in fighting the viruses.  Unfortunately overprescribing has added to our resistance to antibiotic results.

Antibiotics have been overused in factory farming.  Animals are being raised on antibiotics from birth to slaughter which leaves the meat on the grocery store shelves full of antibiotic residue.  That is contributing to the human antibiotic resistance for certain.

Check out this short clip from Nutritionfacts.org to gain a better understanding of this growing problem.



The paragraph below was taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.



Antibiotic / Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotics and similar drugs, together called antimicrobial agents,  have been used for the last 70 years to treat patients who have infectious  diseases. Since the 1940s, these drugs  have greatly reduced illness and death from  infectious diseases. Antibiotic use has been beneficial and, when prescribed  and taken correctly, their value in patient care is enormous. However, these  drugs have been used so widely and for so long that the infectious organisms  the antibiotics are designed to kill have adapted to  them, making the drugs less effective. People infected with antimicrobial-resistant  organisms are more likely to have longer, more expensive hospital stays, and  may be more likely to die as a result of the infection


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