Multiple Sclerosis

As you may know from previous posts, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008.  I am extremely proactive with my health and am giving my body the best of nutrition to keep it strong and battle ready.  I feel that my efforts with lifestyle and nutrition are helping in many positive ways.

MS is a strange and ever changing disease affecting  people in so many different ways.  It is really hard to pinpoint how it will affect me.  There is no way to predict how it will surface with symptoms.  One person with MS may end up paralized and another person with the same disease could live their entire life post diagnosis with only a few minor inconveniences.  It is impossible to know how and where it will strike.

The following is a short but informative little clip about Multiple Sclerosis.

I get asked by many what MS is, what causes it and what does it do to the body.    When I found this clip I thought it would be a great way to explain the disease to others.



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