Meditation is an extremely important part of healing.  Many experts feel it is the most important part. I am inclined to agree.

I have finally cracked the code for myself….I am now meditating twice a day.  I do a short 15 minute Gratitude meditation in the morning.  This little exercise certainly sets the tone for the day.  Then in the evening about an hour or so before bed I disappear to my quiet space and do a minimum of 30 minutes.  Right now I am currently doing guided meditations…of which there are many available.  I hope to soon graduate to the music background and no guide.  That is a goal of mine.  I have been doing them long enough now that they have become part of my day.  I do not like to miss a meditation session.  I am in the habit now of keeping them at the same time each day.  I look forward to the quiet time to focus on my healing.

There is plenty of scientific evidence proving the benefits of meditation.   If it is to be a successful practice for anyone, compliance is key.  Like anything, you must do it.  It will only work if you do it.  It is called the practice of meditation because that is exactly what it is.  Practice…and as in anything….practice makes perfect.

We think too much.  Our lives are fast paced, stressed, busy and full of multi-tasking.  We need to quiet the mind.  Get rid of all of the stuff that fills our heads all day every day.  The subconscious mind is full of chatter…and so much of it is causing illness and preventing healing.  We hold onto emotions and pain from things that may go back as far as our childhood.  Things you would never consider could be causing you to be holding yourself in a stressed out frame of mind.  You may have unresolved issues from a past relationship, a past employer, a family member etc.  The possible scenarios that create internal babble are endless.  We need to deal with those unresolved issues and move on.  As long as they are playing over in our subconscious mind we will never heal.

When I first started meditation I could not quiet my mind.  I was always straying and thinking about what I had to do tomorrow or what I should add to my grocery list…etc.  It was very challenging to get my mind to quiet and get into the present moment.  Listening to the voice of the guided meditation definitely plays a role in getting to that quiet place.  I can now go into meditation and become aware of my breathe, my body, my healing journey and cut out all of the white noise of life.  It is such a peaceful space.

Along with practicing meditation I am reading many books on the topic to help strengthen my practice.  One book in particular that I am currently enjoying is a book titled `Real Happiness – The Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzberg.    Sharon says meditation helps us defuse stress, experience greater tranquility, find a sense of wholeness, strengthen our relationships and face our fears.  Some points I like from the early part of this book are 1.  You will rediscover a deeper sense of what`s really important to you.  2.  You will be in closer touch with the best parts of yourself.    These are just two of the many benefits of mastering the practice of meditation.

Here is the link to this book.  Check it out.  Who knows….maybe you will start your own meditation practice and enjoy the many positives that come out of spending time with yourself in silence.



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