Mind Over Medicine

I feel very fortunate to have come across a book which was meant for me to read.  I am so inspired by Dr. Lissa Rankin, author and lecturer on the topic of “Mind Over Medicine”.  I respect the fact that this doctor is stoking the fire for necessary changes regarding the mindset of her fellow physicians, patients and anyone else who reads her work.

Lissa’s book “Mind Over Medicine…Scientific Proof that You can Heal Yourself” is, without question, one of the most inspiring books I’ve come across regarding the body’s ability to heal itself from any illness deemed incurable.  Put your mouse over the above book cover and click.  You will be taken to a place where you can read some pages from her book.  It is good reading for everybody.  Not just those of us with health issues.  I highly, highly recommend this book to everyone.

If you can take the time…click on this YouTube link and enjoy Lissa’s Ted Talk regarding this very topic.  I’m sure you will be as inspired as I am with this doctor’s thoughts on the medical system, our minds, our health and how it all comes together.



Below is Lissa’s Whole Health Cairn.  She believes, and it makes perfect sense,  that all of these pieces of the cairn have to be nutured and in balance to attain the top piece “Physical Health”.  This is a great visual to help us understand that all elements of our lives, in harmony, will lead to health and healing.

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