5 Health Benefits from Juicing!

I know I have previously posted on the benefits of juicing but cannot stress enough, how nutritious juicing is to my well-being and yours.   I have been juicing for years and it is a very big part of my nutrition regime.  This article is another “share” article from Natural News, one of my favorite websites on natural health.  Listed are 5 benefits obtained from regular juicing.

( I have been “on the road” a fair bit lately so was unable to get my usual post done so here is an interim article to help keep you striving for wellness….I am currently writing my own posts and they will be up soon.  Thank you for your continued readership!)


(NaturalNews) Far more than just a passing health fad, juicing raw fruits and  vegetables every day continues to be one of the best ways to obtain fresh,  bioavailable nutrients in therapeutic, health-transforming doses. The short-term  health benefits of juicing include things like increased energy levels and  digestive relief, while the long-term health benefits include chronic illness  prevention of the type that could add both life to your years and years to your  life. Here are five specific ways that juicing can literally help save your  life:

1) Repair bowel issues. Gastrointestinal dysfunction is one  of the most prevalent, chronic ailments people suffer from today, and mainstream  medicine’s “solutions” typically provide minimal symptom relief with a whole  slew of harmful side effects. However, one of the most effective healing  treatments for digestive and bowel disorders is raw juicing, which not only  helps eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria from the colon, but also helps heal  any damaged tissue or fissures that might be present.

Galina Kotlyar of KnowYourGut.com is one of many who has experienced a powerful health transformation as a result of juicing. Mainstream doctors were unable to cure her severe case of ulcerative colitis, which left her stricken with severe pain, bloody stools, and other life-threatening symptoms that prevented her from eating and drinking normally. But after just three weeks of drinking only freshly-juiced vegetables, performing colonics, and supplementing, the formerly pale, skinny mother returned to a normal weight, and no longer suffers from a life-threatening condition. (http://www.knowyourgut.com/how-juicing-saved-my-life/)

2)  Correct nutrient deficiencies. Many chronic illnesses are a direct result of  nutrient deficiencies, which can be easily and quickly remedied through juicing.  Since they provide an easily-digestible source of a myriad of vitamins, minerals  and other nutrients, fresh juices are one of the simplest ways to avoid  developing heart disease, organ failure, cancer, and various other health  conditions that can result in early death.

A major component of the  anti-cancer Gerson Diet, for instance, involves juicing  nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables like cabbage, carrots, apples,  and leafy greens. These foods, and the many healing components they possess,  naturally assist the body in healing itself. By delivering a steady stream of  assimilable nutrients directly into the body, juicing helps ensure that your  nutrient stores never run dry. (http://gerson.org/gerpress/the-gerson-therapy/)

3)  Kill cancer cells. Specifically with regard to cancer, juicing is one of the  easiest and most effective ways to naturally avoid developing this pandemic  illness. Numerous scientific studies have found that the nutrients contained in  pomegranates, cabbage, broccoli, celery, carrots, and apples, for instance,  prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells throughout the body. And because  fresh, raw juice contains concentrated doses of these anti-cancer nutrients, it  is far more effective therapeutically than eating the same fruits and vegetables  whole (as you would have to eat a whole lot more of them).

“Fresh juice  is loaded with cancer-fighting phytochemicals and vitamins, in a state easily  absorbed by the body,” admits the Stanford University Cancer Institute about the healing power of juicing. (http://cancer.stanford.edu)

4) Lose weight. If  being overweight or obese is problematic for you, juicing can help you shed  those extra pounds and achieve the weight loss goals you have always desired.  Obesity-related illness, according to the U.S. Surgeon General, account for  roughly 300,000 deaths every single year, and includes conditions such as  coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, and liver and gallbladder disease, all  of which can be avoided through juicing.

Joe Cross, Director and  Executive Producer of the film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, is a living  testament to the power of juicing in not only curing obesity, but also in fully  reversing the course of declining health  that often accompanies being overweight. After just 60 days of raw juice  cleansing, Cross lost 100 pounds, and is now in full recovery from other  obesity-related health conditions that required him taking copious amounts of  pharmaceutical drugs in order to manage. (http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com/about.html)

5)  Improve mood. Mental illness is becoming more prevalent in today’s world,  and a common, but often unrecognized, cause of this category of disease is  simple nutrient deficiency. If left unaddressed, mental illnesses caused by nutrient deficiency can take  a serious toll on physical health, which is why it is important to correct it  early through juicing and other nutritional means.

“Vitamins act as  catalytic agents in the body, helping to speed up the chemical processes vital  for both survival and brain function,” explains Dr. Hyla Cass in her book St.  John’s Wort: Nature’s Blues Buster, which highlights the importance of  nutrition in maintaining a healthy mental state. “As a result, vitamin  deficiencies can sometimes manifest themselves as depression. Fortunately, when  these deficiencies are treated with supplements (or juicing!), there is a  reversal in symptoms.” (http://www.globalhealingcenter.com)

Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/039252_juicing_health_benefits_longevity.html#ixzz2M8Z86RDA

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