Post CCSVI Procedure Update

As I write this post it has been 8 days since my CCSVI treatment at Synergy Health Concepts in Newport Beach, California.

I will open this update by saying that we were totally impressed with the clinic and all of the people we came into contact with while there.  The clinic is very modern, state of the art, fresh and organized.  Dr. Michael Arata was my physician.  We had the pleasure of consultations with him pre-op on Tuesday and post-op on Thursday.  Dr. Arata performed the CCSVI treatment on me first thing Wednesday morning.

I have to confess that I was very nervous Tuesday before the scheduled procedure.  On Tuesday I attended the clinic and was given an MRV to evaluate my vascular system.  It is a type of MRI.  I was also put through some other tests checking out my blood pressure, temperature, walking ability, strength testing, EKG and symptom evaluation.

Wednesday morning Paul and I arrived at the clinic at 7:00 a.m. for the 8:00 p.m. procedure.  I was put under a light anasthesia but was awake during the one hour procedure.  A catheter was inserted through a vein in my right groin area and passed up through my veins to the jugular and azygos veins.  A balloon was inflated to open up the narrowing areas of these veins.  It was a simple and easy procedure.   There was absolutely no need to be so nervous.  But fear of the unknown is a valid reaction.

After the procedure I was told to rest the balance of the day and evening.  Thursday I returned to the clinc for my post-op followup with Dr. Arata.  I was given an ultrasound of my veins to ensure there was no clotting.  I underwent the same temperature, blood pressure, walking, strength testing and EKG tests that I underwent on Tuesday. Everything was a-okay post procedure.  I was given a binder full of all of the literature regarding the procedure as well as the discs of my pre and post MRV and dopplers to take home to my neurologist in Ontario.

It was suggested that I take Xarelto for 3 months post procedure which is a relatively new blood thinner.  But….for anyone who knows me well…you know I don’t embrace pharmaceutical drugs unless they are absolutely necessary.  I had a discussion with the doctor about the drug recommendation not sitting well with me and he said that if I was using natural blood thinners and leading a healthy lifestyle then I did not need to take the Xarelto.  He said he did not have enough knowledge on natural remedies to make any suggestions in that regard.  I’m quite knowledgeable where natural health is concerned.  My daily protocol includes many blood thinning  and blood cleansing herbs and supplements such as omega fatty acids, garlic, ginger, green tea, red clover, reishi mushroom, chlorella etc.  I am well nourished when it comes to blood purity and flow.  So thankfully I did not have to swallow pharmaceutical blood thinners.  I’m confident that my healthy diet and lifestyle will get me through the three months post procedure without the need for pharmaceuticals.

Regarding the results from the procedure,  I have not had a miraculous turn around in my leg and foot weakness but I can definately feel a difference in other ways.  The doctor assures me that it could take time for me to experience anything of great magnitude.  For now…..I have more clarity in thinking.   I am sleeping well.  I’m not so fatigued during the day, my digestion is better and there are other positive things happening as well.  I still have my left leg weakness and left foot drop but the doctor and I agree that will get better over time with added physiotherapy and exercise.

Overall, I can say that the CCSVI procedure was a positive experience for me.  It was easy to go through.  The widening of my critical veins has opened blood flow in my body and with that I know there have been positive physical changes.

So all-in-all my sweetie and I are happy we went through this experience.

This procedure is under evaluation in Canada and I hope that the studies gain positive results.  It would be wonderful to see this procedure made available in Canada for MS patients and people with autonomic nervous system disorders.

Onward and upward!

In closing I would like to thank all of my family and friends and readers for your notes, prayers and support.  I appreciate all of you.  Thank you again.

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