I’m going for the CCSVI Vasovogal Procedure!

I have decided to go for the CCSVI (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency) Vasovagal procedure to hopefully alleviate symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis, of which I was diagnosed in March 2008.    I am scheduled for this procedure on Wednesday April 17th, 2013 in Newport Beach, California at Synergy Health Concepts.

Previously, I was not interested in having this procedure done and was told by my neurologist and a family friend in neurology to wait it out until more studies had been completed on this procedure.  This procedure made the headlines compliments of Dr. Paolo Zamboni.  Dr. Zamboni is an Italian doctor who broke the news on this procedure as his wife has severe MS symptoms.  He has performed this procedure he calls “Liberation Treatment” on his wife and many other MS sufferers and has had great success helping his patients lighten their symptom load.  He travelled the world shortly after going public with his findings and started teaching doctors all about this relatively simple and effective treatment.  Many Canadian and American vascular surgeons went to Zamboni’s clinic in Italy shortly after the news to learn the technique and bring their education on it back to North America.

Unfortunately this procedure is not available in Canada yet.  It is undergoing clinical studies in Canada right now with help from the provincial and federal government and the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.  The Canadian government has not permitted any doctor outside of the study to perform this in any Canadian hospital.  Since this procedure became public many Canadians became medical tourists travelling far and wide to get this done in Europe, India, Egypt etc.

Dr. Sandy MacDonald from Barrie, Ontario was doing doppler ultrasound on MS patients and I had one done in his office about 3 years ago.  At that time I was told I was a candidate for the procedure but….at that time…..I was not prepared to become a medical tourist and travel far and wide to have the treatment done.

I was not interested  until now.  An opportunity has come my way.  My symptoms are now life-changing and the opportunity to possibly alleviate some or all of my issues has presented itself.  I feel there must be a good reason why this appointment has come up and fits into our travel schedule.  We are travelling across the southern USA  heading through California and ultimately ending up on Vancouver Island in a few weeks.    The Synergy Health Concepts clinic had one appointment available for next Wednesday so knowing we would be there right at that time, I booked the procedure.  It is expensive and an out of pocket expense not covered by any insurance companies or travel insurance.  My hubby and I decided it was worth the expense to give it a try.  If it alleviates some of my MS symptoms then it is worth every penny.

I saw an interview with Montel William’s, talk show host,  praising the procedure.  He had it done and was very happy with the results.  He mentioned that his heat sensitivity disappeared post procedure.  That would be great if I could get rid of that unpleasant symptom.  I can’t sit in the sun to get my much needed Vitamin D.  If the temperature is very warm I get severely lethargic and fatigued.  We are in warm weather most of our year and if I could just get outside a bit more I would be pleased with that.  I’ve also lost the ability to walk distances and I must use a cane for any steps outside of home.  If I could add the ability to walk further to my list of positive results from the procedure I would be a very happy lady.

There are many symptoms that arise with Multiple Sclerosis.    A list of symptoms, of which I have many of them, are as follows:

– fatigue

– depression

– bladder & bowel dysfunction

– weakness in muscles and joints, partial or total loss of muscle strength

– cognitive changes, slurred speach, memory loss

– acute and chronic pain

– muscle spasticity

– optic neuritis, blurred vision and eye pain, double vision

– sleeping disorders

– foot drop

– poor reflexes

– numbness, tingling

– headaches

– coordination issues

and many more!

Not everyone with MS gets all of these symptoms.  And during the course of the disease these symptoms can come and go.  Some staying for ever….others not appearing at all or only once or twice.

So, with great optimism, I enter the Synergy Health Concepts clinic this Tuesday for pre-op tests and analysis.  Wednesday is the procedure.  Thursday is the post-op assessment of my results.

I will certainly update you on the results.

So, bye for now.





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