Standard North American Diet Stats!

My, my, my…..this is scary information.  We are talking about the Standard American (North American) Diet.  It is no wonder there is so much illness plaguing our society today.  How can a human body sustain good health with the lack of nutrition going in?   It seems people are eating PURELY FOR TASTE AND PLEASURE these days rather than eating for health and vitality.  We need to wake up to this sad reality and get with the program…so to speak.

This short video put out by will shock you…or maybe it won’t shock you.  I was certainly startled to see and hear the averages explained by using a circle with sections representing elements of the average diet.

The average person is malnourished.  I am so relieved that I follow a vegan, organic, fruit, nuts and vegetable rich diet full of phytonutrients.  When I watched this little video about what the majority consume I gained such peace of mind knowing that my food choices are good ones.

Maybe after watching this little clip, you may start to tweak your ratios of good foods VS.  full fat, low value, pleasure foods.

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