Minding our Mitochondria

As my readers know by now….I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Unfortunately it is not taking well to the vegan and raw diet.   I’ve enjoyed eating this way now for over 2 years…. but feel I’m on a steady decline.

I’m evolving and changing things as I research, read and experience the good and the bad of each methodology.  I’ve read many books and done plenty of research online regarding nutrition and this disease I’m fighting.

I’ve read about all of the drugs on the market for MS and I’ve tried one of them.   It was very expensive and  has not been on the market long enough to say whether it is helping people with their MS or not.  It did nothing for me.  There is really no sound evidence that any of the drugs are helping.  The odd person reports that one drug or another has helped them through different symptoms associated with their MS.  My question to these drug companies is…what are these new drugs doing to the body on the side.

Through my research I have come across a proponent of the PALEO DIET….hunter gatherer diet.  Dr. Terry Whals who has MS is gaining great results from her Paleo experience and I am going to give it a try myself.  As much as I don’t want to go back to eating animal protein…it may be what my brain needs to fight the MS.  There are many “brain” foods in this diet as well.

Please take the time to watch this great video linked below.  This diet is written up as good for all people, diseased, pre-diseased or healthy.

I will keep you posted on how I do “looking after my mitochondria“.


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