In light of the evil that struck Sandy Hook Elementary….

First of all, I must say that I am without words to express my deep despair with regards to the horrific evil that Sandy Hook Elementary school and the whole community of Newtown is dealing with.  Oh my goodness.  I just cannot imagine the pain and anguish those good people must be battling with.  I don’t have any children myself but I am a step-mom to three adult children.  I have been in their lives for over 20 years now.  I love them all dearly.  They have blessed us with four beautiful little grandchildren whom we love to bits.  Our little grandbabies are around the same age as the little ones who lost their lives way too soon in Newtown.  We have talked about our little grandchildren many times this weekend as we are miles away from them.  We are blessed to be spending the holidays with them this year unlike many families affected by this tragedy.

The post I am sharing with you today is MY OPINION.

On my journey to personal health and wellness, I have researched, read books and watched many video documentaries with topics regarding nutrition, spirituality, fitness, mental health, the enviroment, water, pharmaceuticals, increase of diseases, agriculture, corporate greed, government policy and the changing culture we now live in.

Whenever one of these mass-murder tragedies happens the issue of gun laws comes to the forefront.

I personally believe there are many issues that need to be looked at in order to stop the “run-away train” which is our world. (if it can be stopped….I’m not so sure)

I will touch on each issue here.  They are in no specific order.

1.  Technology – It is moving fast.  Too fast.  Our society is losing the ability to talk face to face or phone to phone with each other.  Most communication between families, friends and business associates is done via text and email.  Social media has made people so free with their personal information.  It’s crazy.  Along these same lines, when we go out in public we see everyone with their noses down and their fingers flying on their phones or game boards.  We see children out for dinner with their parents and as they sit at the dinner table they are playing their games rather than interacting with their parents and siblings.  I grew up in a house with 2 parents and 7 children.  We sat at the dinner table every night and had good conversation with our family.  We were not allowed television, phone calls, books or any outside stimulants at meal time.  We were there to nourish our bodies and our relationships with our loved ones.

2.  Television – Nothing is sacred anymore.  Television, at any time of the day or night, provides, for the most part, brainless programming involving sex, drugs, violence, foul language and questionable morals.   When I was growing up we did not watch a lot of television because we were outside playing with our friends and siblings.  (and none of us was overweight because we got lots of exercise playing)  If we did watch television it was shows like The Flintstones, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family and The Ed Sullivan Show.   Very clean and educational in nature.  Today’s television is also rampant with “reality” shows where you can watch a family fighting, a praternity test to see who is the father of the baby, a woman having an affair on her husband with her husbands best friend etc.  Or you can watch people compete with each other to try and win fame and fortune.

3.  Nutrition – Today’s fast paced life with both parents out working so they can afford the house with 4 bedrooms, two cars in the garage, large screen televisions throughout the home, the pool in the backyard, and the designer clothes for the family, has lead the way for the convenience foods market.  These foods are processed with many chemicals to keep them on the shelf longer, make them tastier and quick to put on the table.  There is zero to very little nutrition in this food.  What are the chemicals doing to the human body? Children are eating this junk food on a regular basis.  Their brains and bodies are developing on the nutritional disaster called convenience food.  Sugar consumption is off the charts compared to 20 years ago.  Soda pop is something children are drinking all day.  Children and teens are malnourished.  When I was growing up we were fed whole foods my mother prepared from scratch because she was home being our Mom.  We were permitted a soda once a week, certainly not once or twice a day.  Today there is so much Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Affective Seasonal Disorder, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer and more, it is absurd.  When I was in school there were no such issues.  We  never heard of peanut allergies.  What is happening to our genetics? It’s changing rapidly and not for the better.  Obesity and disease are mainstream.

4. Video Games:  Many of today’s video games are simulating mass-murders and shoot outs.  They are training children (with a mental health weakness) to behave in a “sensational” manner.  Violence.  No value for human life.  No fear of authority from their parents, teachers, police etc.

5.  Personal Body Care Products – These products are full of toxic chemicals and we brush our teeth with them 1 to 3 times a day, shampoo our hair, wash our skin, smear on our bodies to avoid the sun, spray around our body to smell nice to others.    The skin is the largest organ of the body and everything you put on it soaks into it.   Many of the chemicals used in personal care products sold in North America in baby products and mainstream products are banned in other countries because of their toxic nature.  What’s up with that?  Why are they permitted here?

6.  Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, antibiotics and artificial hormones –  Conventional farming to grow the lovely produce and raise the animals you buy in your grocery store to feed your family is definately not health promoting.  The fruit and veggies are laced with chemicals sprayed on the crops to help them grow faster, look prettier and ward off insects.  If you don’t wash your produce really really really well before using it then you are ingesting this toxic soup.  Yukk.  And the factory farm raised animals….that is a story for another day.  You should watch the move “Earthlings” narrated by Joaquin Phenix.  A true eye opener.

7.  Pharmaceutical Drugs – Most of the teens who have committed these mass shootings have been on chemical drugs for depression and other mood and mental issues.  It is a fact that these drugs cause violent outbursts and suicide.  A good documentary to watch about this topic is called “DEAD WRONG…How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child”.  There are drugs for everything now.  In fact the big pharma companies are so smart that they have created new conditions so they can market new drugs.  If you watch the television down in the US you will see drug ads for everything.  Each ad ends with a miriad of side effects.  When my husband and I watch these commercials for all of the drugs people take now we just shake our heads and cannot believe, after hearing the side effects, that anybody in their right mind would want to swallow these drugs.  It is absolute madness.

8.  Bullying – Where did this behaviour come from?  I don’t recall any of this when I was a kid.  If there was a kid with a bit of a chip on their shoulder we just dealt with it.  Nowadays it is so prevelant in schools and on social media that it is driving teenagers to suicide.    Our society has become so stressed out, angry, disfunctional, competitive to a fault.   Why just the other day I was sitting at a stop light behind another car at the red light.  The advanced green arrow for our lane of cars flashed and the car in front of me did not move because the guy was texting while he sat at the light. After giving him a minute I tapped my car horn to prompt him to turn the corner.  What did he do?  He rolled down his window and gave me “the finger”.  That gesture was so uncalled for but that is the way people react to things today.  Anger, blame, lashing out at others.

9. Celebrity idolizing –  We have become a celebrity crazed society.  When I see how wealthy we can make a teen idol in one year by our unsatiable thirst for celebrity it amazes me.

10.  Greed – The Ponzi schemes, the banking issues, the bonuses of the corporate CEO’s, the misleading of the public to gain personal and corporate wealth is out of control.

11. Enviroment – We have totally polluted this great planet of ours and I don’t think that it will ever come back to healthy.

12. Family – There are more divorces, single parents and kids bouncing back and forth between two households today that it is really difficult for children to establish “roots”.

13.  Sense of entitlement –  There are many out there who live with the attitude that the world owes them a living.  We are a very spoiled society.  We don’t appreciate how good we really have it.  We are always wanting more.  We need to be more grateful for our lives, our family, our friends and each day that we are blessed to live through.

14. Pornography and sexual predators – Where did they come from?  When I was a kid I would walk to school with my siblings and friends.  We walked 10 blocks along with all of the other kids in the public school…without parental escorts.  We had no fear of being abducted by a crazy person.  Nowadays, you have to have your eye on your children at all times.

When I take all of these things into consideration, I believe they are all contributing to a society going wrong.  We, as a species, are losing our ability to “cope”, to stay afloat, to love others when we hardly love ourselves, to be true to ourselves about who we are and not what someone else wants us to be.  My goodness….when I dig deep into these topics I can see why all of this craziness is happening more frequently in our world.  I don’t know that there is a solution to any of this.

THIS IS MY OPINION.  I wrote this post through my anger and grief about what happened Friday in that little elementary school in Connecticut.

Rest in Peace, little ones.  So sorry you are the victims of our crazy world.

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