I’m sure you are familiar with the artificial sweetener aspartame.  Maybe you use it on a regular basis in diet soft drinks, diet drink powders and various other “diet” or “light” processed foods.  Do you know how dangerous this “legal” neurotoxin is.  Yes…that is what it is….a neurotoxin.  Do you know what neurotoxin means?  Well I will give you the definition here.

NEUROTOXIN:  Is a nerve poison.  It is a substance that is poisonous or destructive to the nerve tissue.

That is pretty scary to me.  I don’t think I want to consume something that can do that to my body.  What about you?

I’m dealing with Multiple Sclerosis which is a disease of the central nervous system so I definately don’t want to use a substance that may cause the nerve damage to escalate.

Aspartame is everywhere.  You must read labels to avoid this dangerous substance.

This short video from is interesting, to say the least.  If you or someone you know is using aspartame as a sweetener in their coffee or drinking diet sodas, you may want to consider this information.


It is worth your time.

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