My Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day I must share a few words about my special Mom.

My Mom just passed the 81 year mark in her journey through this life.  She has touched so many in her 81 years so far and will touch a whole lot more in the years to come.

My Mom raised seven children.  She raised us back in the day when there weren’t any of the modern conveniences there are now.  She did not have disposable anything.  Cloth diapers had to be washed in a ringer washer in the basement three floors below the three bedroom apartment we lived in above my father’s business.   All of our meals were prepared from scratch.  She was feeding 9 mouths at every meal.   (when I have nine mouths around my table I call it a dinner party)  She cooked for our large family 3 times a day and there were no convenience foods to make the job easy.   

My Mom was a sports Mom.  Always available to take my three brothers to hockey or baseball.  She was always there for my sisters and I in the skating rink.   In my early teens one of my sisters and I taught figure skating to the younger children.  Quite often this meant being at the rink in the wee hours of the morning and my Mom would get out of her warm bed and get us to the rink on time to fulfill our responsibilities.  She would get us to school on time after the morning sessions.  When we taught skating in the evenings over the dinner hour she would bring us a dinner plate of whatever the rest of the family was eating at home.   This meal would be hot under foil for us to eat during our break.   My Mom never missed a hockey game or a skating event.  She drove other children to out-of-town sporting events with us.  She billeted kids during hockey tournaments.  She volunteered to work at the rink during games and carnivals.  She was a real hands on MOM.

My Mom ran our household in a relatively carefree but organized manner.  We all had our duties on a day-to-day basis.  We shared in the table setting, table clearing, washing dishes, drying dishes, bed making etc.  She made us realize that things didn’t happen around the house unless you made them happen. 

My Mom…cherished by all of our friends and neighbours.  She loved the impromptu life that came with raising seven children.  You just never knew what was going to take place from one day to the next.  She kept a freezer full of extra food because more times than not there were extra mouths at the dinner table on weekends. 

I had a wonderful childhood.  One that I often reflect back on with pride and gratitude.

Now that her seven children are all over the age of 48 life has taken on a different dimension for her and for us.   Mom is our friend.  She has worked very hard to keep us all close like we were growing up and I’m happy to say she has succeeded.  We are a close-knit family.  We do so many wonderful things together, travelling, dining, shopping etc.  


I love my Mom. 

Her smile brightens my every day. 

 Her hugs make me feel warm and secure. 

She taught me values, morals, manners and how to love others.

She gives of herself every day to those she knows and those she doesn’t know.

Her love touches me in so many precious ways.

She has enriched my life and I am forever grateful.

Her love will stay with me forever.

My M0m is so precious.

I love my Mom.”



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