Himalayan Pink Salt

Did you know that white table salt is SO TOXIC.   White table salt is full of many chemicals and even has white sugar in it.  This salt is made up of 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals and absorbants.  It is the form of salt used in processed foods, restaurants and in most households.  This sodium chloride is not good for our bodies.   It is a foreign invader to our body leading to inflammation, hypertension, cellulite, gout, arthritis and even kidney and gallbladder stones.

Salt is necessary for us to sustain life and the best way to get this valuable element of nutrition is through the use of  HIMALAYAN SALT.  This form of salt is all natural, pure, unadulterated and loaded with similar natural minerals as found in our bodies.  Himalayan salt is millions of years old.  It is a vibrational energy that our cells love and absorb easily. 

I love the taste of salt.  I crave salty foods more than sweet foods and Himalayan is my salt of choice.   Before learning about the benefits of this great natural salt I used white table salt.  One thing I recall from years ago when I used the white stuff is that I always had puffy fingers and puffy bags under my eyes after I ate table salt.  It caused such fluid retention in me.  I can’t remember ever having this condition using the Himalayan salt.  What a difference.  It is nice to consume foods that you know are doing great things for your health.

There are many health benefits from the consumption of  Himalayan Salt.  I will name a few here: 

– Vein health

– Great for aiding in the regulation of blood sugar

– Anti-aging

– Regulates water levels in the body

– Helps with the PH balance in your cells, specifically in the brain cells

– Helps with absorption of vitamins and minerals from foods in the intestinal tract (digestion)

– Promotes healthy respiratory function

– Minimizes muscle cramping

– The calcium in the salt is great for bone health

– Good for sinus health

There are many more benefits from the use of Himalayan Salt. 

So….if you like salt like I do, may I suggest that you pick up some good quality Himalayan Salt and start using it on your table and in your recipes.  You can get a good quality salt at any health food store or large supermarket with a natural foods section.  This salt is sold free flowing in different grinds and you can also purchase it in a grinder good for use on your dinner table.  Make the switch in the name of health.

As a footnote…..you may have been in a spa, chiropractic, massage clinic office and seen a pink lamp made of a large chunk of Himalayan salt.  These salt lamps help to remove airborne irritants and the some negative effects of the electromagnetic frequencies and ions coming from modern technology “must haves” such as televisions, computers, and household appliances.    These salt lamps help to clean up the air in our closed-in enviroments creating a cleaner and more relaxed atmosphere.  Get one and put it in your home or office.  I use one beside my computer.

To your health…..

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  1. Roberta October 12, 2013 at 11:55 pm #

    Thanks. I bought a pink rose quartz candle holder. The candle sits inside the quartz and gives off a light pink glow along with the “love” pink energy. Haven’t seen the pink salt lamp but will Google it and see what comes up. Such a great website.

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