Make A Difference!

My Mom sent me this short video. 

 When I watched it I had tears in my eyes.   It is such a lovely story.  

In the beginning of the narrative I could totally relate to the “impression” the teacher had of the little boy, Teddy.  We all make assumptions about people who appear on the surface to not be up to our standards.  We never think that perhaps that person is going through some tough times.    If we were  to reach out and touch that person we could impact them in a positive way that could resonate with them for the rest of their lives.   Unfortunately we pass people by…..people who could and would make a difference to our lives, as we make a difference in their lives

Let’s all be more aware of the people near us.  They are near us for a reason.  We are near them for a reason.  Be more mindful as you go through your days.  REACH OUT AND TOUCH.

Enjoy this little video.  It carries such a powerful message.

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