Hemp Seed

HEMP SEED has been in the diet of humans and animals for centuries.    It is easy to farm in that it is very low maintenance, requires zero pesticides or fertilizers and will grow just about anywhere in the world.  Some populations have survived on hemp seed during times of famine.

 As a vegan, striving to get enough protein in my diet,  I include hemp seed in my daily nutrition regime.  Hemp seed is so powerful.  For a tiny, mild tasting seed it packs a very concentrated  source of protein, fibre and essential fatty acids.

There are so many ways you can get hemp into your diet.   I add organic hemp seed to my breakfast either as an addition to a bowl of berries or to my green smoothie.  I spread hemp butter on the odd slice of unleavened Manna bread.  I have added hemp seed to dehydrated cracker recipes.  I use hemp milk on my cereal or in recipes that call for milk.  Hemp milk is a fantastic non-dairy substitute for any recipe calling for cow’s milk.  I also use hemp oil when making vinaigrettes for salads.  I have added hemp seeds to my raw desserts.   Hemp oil can also be used as an elixer for your skin. 

Hemp is very high in fibre, in fact it is a whopping 42% fibre.  One serving of hemp seed or hemp powder supplies you with 50% of your daily fibre recommendation.  Hemp is mostly insoluble fibre which helps to move bulk through the intestines.  It promotes regular bowel movements, helps to remove toxic waste and keeps the intestines in the proper PH balance.

We have heard about how increased fibre in our diet is beneficial.  Unfortunately most people are only getting about 15 grams a day and should be striving for 30 to 35 grams per day.  Balancing protein, fiber and essential fatty acids is so important to achieving heart health, colon health, blood sugar and healthy body weight and hemp seed and hemp powder can definately help with all of that.

Hemp has the perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and a full scope of amino acids.  It is a complete protein and contains many trace minerals.  It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest superfoods nature provides to us.

Hemp provides other benefits aside from nutrition.  Hemp has a wonderful effect on skin and hair.   It is highly emollient and is great to put on your skin.  It penetrates the skin very deeply allowing the essential fatty acids to go to work creating  healthy moisture levels.

All in all, hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp butter and hemp milk are powerhouse nutrition.  Add them to your favorite recipes and reap the benefits.




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