Understanding MS

Multiple Sclerosis is chronic and usually  progressive disease affecting the central nervous system.  It is a neurological disease usually inflicting people in there 20’s and early 30’s.  That is not to say that it doesn’t rear it’s ugly head in older people.  It does…for sure.  It got me at 48.    It may have been developing in my body before that but I was not clinically diagnosed until I was 48 years old.

This is a brief explanation of the disorder:  (the way I understand it)

The central nervous system is made up of the brain and spinal cord.  Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammation in the body causing demyelination of the myelin sheath which is the protective covering around the nerves.  Think of the myelin sheath sort of like the rubber covering over an electrical cord.  If this rubber covering gets eroded then the wires inside the electrical cord are exposed.  When there is erosion on the myelin sheath the white cells of the immune system get into the lesions and are able to cross the blood-brain barrier which they normally cannot cross.    After an inflammatory spell this demyelination is generally followed by a bit of repair and some scarring.  The damage from this erosion and scarring causes a short circuit, so to speak, on how the brain and nerves communicate with the rest of the body.

The symptoms of MS depend on where the erosion and scars are on the central nervous system and what the affected nerve connects to.  For example if the damaged nerve is connected to the lower extremeties then there may be weakness in the legs.  Gradually, as more lesions occur the person with MS notices the gradual decline in strength, balance, vision etc.

There are 4 types of MS – benign, relapse-remitting, primary progressive and secondary progressive.    I have relapse-remitting MS and I pray that it stays this way for years to come.  But…in most cases people progress from RRMS to primary or secondary as lesions on the CNS accumulate.  

I am tackling my MS in the healthiest way possible:   powerhouse raw, vegan, organic nutrition, chinese herbalism, fitness, yoga, spiritual practices such as meditation,   wonderful support from the people I hold close, a positive attitude, gratitude for all of the good things in my life and NO PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS.  I have a strong faith that how I am dealing with my monster is the best way for me.  So far so good.

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