Thermography vs. Mammography

Thermography is a technological tool used to measure inflammation in the body.  It is used to identify active cancer cell formation in breast tissue.

I am a strong proponent of Breast Thermography and have personally used this technology for breast examination for the past 5 years.  Previous to that I put my body through a couple of regular mammograms.  

Breast Thermography does not use any radiation, unlike mammography.  Not shooting radiation into your body makes a whole lot of sense to me.  Mammograms are one of the more risky medical tests because of the very high radiation involved.  Thermograms use infrared technology which is safe.  Plus thermography does not compress the breast .  Compression can cause cancer cells to break off and spread to other parts through the blood stream.

Thermography measures your body surface temperature and gives you the results in a digitized image.  On the image you can see heat patterns.  These patterns may detect abnormal conditions such as cancer growth.  Thermography picks up abnormal blood supply before a possible cancer gets large enough to even be detected on a mammogram.  It is estimated that thermography can see cancer forming at least 6 years before a mammogram can identify a tumor.

Thermography is simple.  You undress from the waist up.  Sit in a cool room for approximately 10 minutes.  Then with your arms above your head, 3 pictures are taken of your breasts..front and both sides.  You then put your hands in a tub of ice water for 60 seconds.  A second set of 3 photos are taken exactly as the first set of photos.  The infrared photos are meant to pick up hot spots in your breast tissue.  Breasts do not generate much heat normally so the ice soak helps to cool you down to identify any abnormal hot spots.

The test is quick, painless and non-invasive.    Best of all….no radiation!!!!

Breast Thermography is something for you to consider if you want to avoid radiation but still get your routine check up.  Of course you should be doing your self-breast examination once a month.    It is all part of knowing and loving your body.

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