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Now that the new year is here most of us have set resolutions to change things about the way we live our lives, whether it be to get out of debt, lose weight, exercise more etc.  There are many types of resolutions.  The one that is most important to your health and wellness is EXERCISE! 

Check out this link sent to me by a friend.  Enjoy this interesting presentation on why exercise is a good thing to add to your 2012 resolutions.

It doesn’t have to be painful, long, drawn out and expensive.  Just going for a 30 minute walk or 30 minute bike ride a day is all it takes to benefit your health.

Let’s get our sneakers on and get out on that path to health and wellness with one step in front of the other.

Thirty minutes a day is all it takes.

May you enjoy the best of health in 2012 as a result of your consistent daily exercise.



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