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I just read an article this week that will shock you…I think.  It certainly upsets me.

Johnson & Johnson produces baby shampoos that contain two cancer-causing chemicals.  Apparantly these formulations have been altered for other countries but the toxic versions are still used in Canada and the United States.  This report called “Baby’s Tub is Still Toxic” was revealed by the “Campaign for Safe Cosmetics” (CSC)  This report explains that the companies Baby Shampoo, Oatmeal Baby Wash, Moisture Care Baby Wash and Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash contain 4-dioxane, which is a petrochemical byproduct of ethoxylation.  A process that lessens the toxicity of other chemical ingredients, but can also contribute to cancer.

This baby shampoo also contains quaternium-15 which is a harmful preservative used to kill bacteria.  It releases formaldehyde which is a highly poisonous ingredient of rat poison.  Formaldehyde has been linked to lung damage, gastrointestinal problems, skin burns and cancer.

The shocking thing is that Johnson & Johnson has clean versions of these products that they sell in the UK, Sweden, South Africa, Japan to name a few countries.  The countries that have the toxic versions are the U.S., Canada, China, Australia and Indonesia.

Why would J & J sell inferior products for babies in any country when they do have safer alternatives on the market.  J & J does have products free of harmful chemicals on the shelves in North America but these products are priced higher than the conventional products which leads consumers in the direction of the less expensive but more toxic products.

Babies are the most vulnerable of all.  They are just starting to develop their immune system, brain power etc.  What mommy and daddy purchase to keep their little ones ” baby fresh” means so much to their future health. 

As this article states….”While it is encouraging to see that J & J has made progress in formulating a safer, natural version of its iconic baby shampoo, now is the time for the company to rise to the occasion and make the safer products the world market is demanding for all its customers. ” by Lisa Archer.

I read this article on, a great site for health advocates.


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