Powerful Celery and it’s Juice

Did you know that celery juice is one of the most hydrating foods we can consume?  It is a wonderful drink for athletes because of its hydrating properties, but is good for all of us.

Celery is very alkaline so helps with the PH/alkaline balance in your body.  We should strive for a PH/Alkaline balance near 7.0 which is neutral.  The closer to 7.35 the higher your level of health.  This is a topic for another post.  But that is where we want to be in the PH/Alkaline balance in our body.  Celery helps!

Celery is an amazing superfood for the natural treatment of high blood pressure…..although you would have to eat about 5 to 6 stalks a day.  That can be done in an easier way.  I add that much fresh celery to my daily juicing routine.  Including celery in your day will give you a healthy dose of B1, B2, B6 and C, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and amino acids.

Celery has plant hormones that help to regulate the nervous system.  There is a high amount of sodium in celery but it is very different from table salt.  The sodium in celery is soluable and necessary for your body to function properly.  It helps your body take in other nutrients.

Celery has anti-cancer compounds called acetylenics shown to stop the growth of tumor cells.  It also contains phonolic acid which blocks the prostaglandins, a hormone-like material that could promote cancer cells.

Celery is a great laxative when juiced.  The fiber from celery is a definate aid for promoting healthy bowel movements when you include celery in your daily routine.

Most all diseases and painful conditions are caused by inflammation.  Good news.  Celery is an anti-inflammatory so is helpful in the treatment of arthritis, gout and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Celery is something you should strive to include in your diet.  I use to just chop up the odd bit of celery here and there to add to salads and other recipes but now that I juice it every day I go through about 3 whole celery stalks a week.  That is a lot of celery and I definately know that I am reaping the benefits mentioned above.    My favorite juice with celery is a combo of cucumber, kale, apple and celery.  Sometimes I will add carrot and/or fresh ginger.  That makes one powerful start to my day.

Make sure you buy ORGANIC celery as conventional celery is one of the highest sprayed vegetables on the grocery store shelf.  Celery is included on the list of “dirty dozen” so make organic your celery of choice.

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