Happy New Year!

From my home to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR.   May 2012 bring you vibrant health, pure happiness, continued prosperity and an attitude of gratitude. 

A new year is dawning.  A year that could and should bring many changes.   

As you reflect on your life this past year with it’s hardships, celebrations, wins and losses think about 2012 with positive anticipation.   Things are changing in a big way in our world.   You can either be on the good side of change or kick and scream and fight your way through another year of same old…same old.

Let’s become a better society, more grateful, more kind and compassionate, considerate of others and ourselves. 

Let’s care for our bodies with healthy and nutritious whole foods.  Get up off of the couch and start moving that body.  Take time for yourself with meditation.  Walk in nature.  Get quality sleep.  Smile more.    Stop blaming others for your errors.  Take responsibility.  Cherish loved ones.  Save more of your paycheck each week.  Get out of debt.  Put fresh flowers on your kitchen counter.  Stop your bad habits and form good habits.   Get away from violence on the television.  Watch programs that teach you something new.  Fit into your skinny jeans.  Take care of your skin.  Floss.  Soak up sunshine.  Breathe deeply.  Stretch.  Eat your greens.  Forgive.  Hug the ones you love every day and tell them you love them.   Get a pet or enjoy the pet you already have.   Say “I’m sorry” if you have done wrong to someone else.  Drive carefully.  Open the door for others.  Bake cookies for your neighbour.  Do random acts of kindness every day.

Start living in the “NOW” because that is what we have.  Yesterday is gone, today is here, tomorrow may never come.

As Albert Einstein said “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”.

Here comes another chance for us to get things right.  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.






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