Eat Your Greens!

Eat your greens.  Something we have all heard over and over again from our mother, our doctor, our nutritionist.

The most powerful green food to ramp up your day, and one that not too many people would even think of adding to their daily nutrition is KALE….  Most people don’t even know what kale is, or if they know what it is, they don’t include it in their grocery basket too often…if ever.     Things are starting to change where kale is concerned.    Kale is starting to get lots of attention, it seems.  As more and more people become  “health conscious” kale is becoming part of their healthy regime.

Kale is rich in phytochemicals which are amazing health promoters.  It is rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A, C, E and K, lutein and approximately 7 times more beta-carotene than broccoli.  It is very rich in Vitamin C and high in fiber.    Anybody living on the standard American/Canadian diet is not consuming anywhere near enough fiber to keep their body working at it’s peak so adding kale adds much needed fiber to your body.    Another big bonus is the phytochemicals in kale have been proven to protect against cancer cell formation.    This is a powerhouse food.

Kale is part of the Brassica (cruciferous) vegetable family.  We know we should be consuming plenty of cruciferous veggies daily such as broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale etc.

I use kale every morning in my green drink.  Kale can have a bitter taste so adding it to my green drink with other wonderful veggies and an apple make it easy to consume regularly.  There are so many other ways to add kale to your day.  You can chop it up and add it to soups, stews, salads.  You can saute kale with some garlic, olive oil, mushrooms, and onions to make a wonderful side dish.  In the raw food world we dehydrate kale sprinkled with nutritional yeast, sea salt and other flavours to make amazing kale chips.  Crispy and nutritious.

So next time you are meandering through the produce section of your favorite food market head for the leafy greens.  You will find different varieties of kale and they are all nutrient rich.  Pick up a bundle of kale.  Once you start experimenting with kale in your kitchen it will become a regular item on your grocery  list.

As your mother says….”eat your greens“.





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