Dry Skin Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  Your skin has a lot of jobs to do and one of them is to participate in the body’s detoxification process.  The use of unpure soaps, creams, deoderants as well as the wearing of synthetic fiber clothing, and our polluted enviroment all contribute to the toxicity that settles under your skin.

 The act of “dry skin brushing” provides a lymphatic cleansing.  Dry brushing improves the circulation of lymph which otherwise sits idle in your lymphatic system.    This healthy habit opens your pores eliminating toxins and metabolic waste. 

The many benefits of Dry Skin Brushing are:

–  tightens skins and sloughs off dead skin

–  aids in digestion

–  helps reduce cellulite

–  stimulates circulation

–  cleans the lymphatic system

–  strengthens your immune system to fight off bacteria

–  stimulates nerve endings and energizes the nervous system

Unlike our circulatory system the lymph system does not have any help moving lymph around your body so without stimulation through exercise, massage and skin brushing the lymph stagnates.

Just five minutes of dry skin brushing is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise where moving the lymph is concerned.

To perform Dry Skin Brushing you need to purchase a natural bristled brush with a long handle so you can reach the areas that are hard to get at.  You can also do this with a dry towel but it is not quite as effective as the bristled brush.

The best time to do your dry skin brush is before you get in the shower in the morning.  Your skin should be dry and, of course, naked.  Brush lightly towards the heart all the times.  Start with the bottom of your feet and work your way up each leg towards your torso.  Completely brush the total area of your legs.  Then move to your abdomen and buttocks using light counter clockwise motions and light sweeping motions on and around your breasts, avoiding the nipples.  Brush both hands and arms towards the heart.  Make sure you have brushed every surface of your body minus your face. 

Once you are sure that you have covered the total surface of your body with the brush it is time for your morning bath or shower.  At the end of your bath or shower splash a bit of cooler water on your body to stimulate the nerves and invigorate blood circulation.

I have taken on the skin brushing habit in my morning routine and it has made such a difference to the health of my skin.  I feel energized and have peace of mind knowing that I am doing a great thing for my lymphatic system.

Another fine way to move your lymph is to get on a rebounder and bounce for 5 to 10 minutes.




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