“Death by Medicine” from Mercola.com

I am a reader of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website Mercola .com and a consumer of several of Dr. Mercola brand personal body care products, household products and supplements. 

 I have seen Dr. Mercola speak at conferences and I trust his ethics and integrity.  Dr. Mercola is definately on our side.  He is on the leading edge of natural health and wellness.  He is an advocate for change in the pharmaceutical, vaccination and general medical “industry”.  He is respected by many in the natural health field and has millions of followers in North America and around the globe….myself being one of those followers.

I’d love for you to take a few minutes to watch the clip at the link below.  It is an interesting compilation of statistics and information called “Death by Medicine”.



Something has to change.   Bringing awareness of information such as this clip to your friends and family is a place to start.


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