Laughter is Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine”.

This is a fact.  Laughter has been long praised for it’s ability to help us cope with stress and is helpful when coping with illness.  Laughter is good for your immune system which helps your body fight off diseases.  Laughter is good exercise.  It has been compared to a total body workout.  It exercises your diaghragm, abdomen, respiratory, facial and back muscles.   Have you ever wondered why you are pooped after a good round of laughing.  It’s like a total aerobic workout. 

There is a new therapy for mental health called “laughter therapy”.  Many health professionals are suggesting this for patients to help them get rid of anger, fear, sadness etc.  Also going to a comedy club or a funny movie when you are feeling blue will help release the negative emotions.

Laughter is contagious.  It is easier spread than any cold virus.  It unites people in a wonderful form of happiness and joy and at the same time, enhances the health of their physical bodies.

The physical benefits of laughter are as follows: healthier immune system, decreased aches and pains, muscle relaxant, lower stress hormones and a happier heart.  The mental health benefits to a good laugh are: less anxiety, less stress, improved feelings of joy, better mood and a stronger resilience to life’s ups and downs.  Aside from physical and mental health benefits, laughing also helps you bond with others and strengthens your relationship with friends, family and strangers.  Laughing helps to put out fires.  When you are a happy go lucky laughing person other people want to be with you because you are a “ray of sunshine”. 

Think of how a newborn baby behaves.  They start smiling very quickly in the first few weeks after birth and shortly thereafter they start to laugh outloud, belly laughing.  It is the most  happiness promoting sight to see a baby laughing.  It makes us laugh with them.  And…what are they laughing at…..the simplest of things.

Writing a list of things you are grateful for will remove you from the negative thoughts you carry around with you.  You will  then start to live your days in more fun loving and lighthearted ways that will allow you to let humour and laughter enter your space more easily. 

Have you ever noticed that when a group of people are laughing and you are on the outside looking in, the people enjoying the laughter want to share it with you.    That is because when they share it with you it gives them more opportunity to laugh with you when you learn what they are laughing about.  It is contagious.

We must learn to take life a bit lighter and that can be achieved by learning to laugh at yourself.  Laugh at your most embarrassing moments.  When you come up against a negative situation try and find the bright side of things.  We need to make our work place or our home more laughter enhancing.  Use happy-go-lucky things on your desk or your coffee table such as photographs of people having fun, silly screen savers on your computer that promote laughter etc.

DEAL WITH YOUR STRESS.  That is a major laughter stopper.

As you become more fun-loving and full of laughter you will go to a higher place in your day-to-day life.  You will be relaxed, joyful, positive and more creative.


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