Ginger is an amazing spice to use in many of your favorite recipes.  It is also a medicinal HERB.  

Ginger is a wonderful digestive aid.  I add fresh ginger root to my green juice every morning and I also love sipping on ginger tea every evening after dinner.   It is  soothing and helps to alleviate any discomfort you may have from overindulging at the dinner table.

Ginger has so many benefits.  It stimulates digestion, works with nausea or motion sickness.  It works with asthma, colds, allergies.  It protects your liver from parasites and toxins.   It has been used to help treat colitis.  It is good for cardiovascular health and circulation.  Ginger has been shown in studies to slow down or stop several types of spreading cancer cells.  It has been given to patients to shorten suffering from chemotherapy.  Like Tumeric, ginger is an anti-inflammatory and it helps soothe arthritis pain.   

The smartest way to get ginger into your day would be to juice a small amount with your greens or steep a small piece of peeled ginger root in hot water to make your own tea.  For tea, add the ginger slices to a pot of boiling spring water.  Then turn the heat down to simmer for about 45 minutes.   If the tea is too strong then add a bit more water but it should be pretty potent to get the benefits.  If you have leftover ginger tea then store it in a glass jar in the refrigerator for later use.  For those of you who like to sweeten your brew add a bit of good quality raw honey. 

There are so many wonderful recipes that include the use of ginger root, powdered ginger and crystallized ginger.  It adds so much wonderful flavor to cooked and raw dishes whilst adding health benefits too.   To me it is a “comfort food” ingredient.

Ginger root can be purchased at most grocery stores in the produce section.  If you can, buy organic ginger to avoid any herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.  Dry ginger powder is found in the spice aisle…again look for organic.    Crystallized ginger will be found in the baking supply aisles of most stores.

Enjoy your ginger daily!





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