Dangers in Cosmetics

Cosmetics and Body Products have built a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Everybody is looking for the magic bullet to preserving the youthful glow.  We will pay big bucks on lotions and potions that promise us beauty, and even the possibility of meeting our soulmate by wearing a sexily advertised perfume or cologne.

It was established in a 2004 study of personal care product use that the average adult uses 9 personal care products each and every day.  The study further states that these products contain an average of 126 different chemicals.

There are many, many chemicals you should avoid when shopping for personal care items but one of the most common chemicals is SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE.  It is in everything.  Take a look through your bathroom cupboards and read the labels on the containers that fill your shelves.  I bet you will be surprised at how many times you see SLS in the ingredients list.  It is used in shampoos, hair color, cleansers, body washes, toothpaste, cosmetic foundations, soap for body and laundry and bath products and much more.  The chemical is definately not natural.  Here is a shocker for you…it is used in car washes and to degrease car engines too.  Most worrying is the fact that SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE mimics the hormone Oestrogen.  This may be responsible for a list of health problems from PMS to menopause and possibly female cancers such as breast and ovarian.  Limit your exposure and protect your health.

In another study done by the Enviromental Working Group “Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Review” the link has been established to eye and skin irritation, organ toxicity, reproductive issues, neurological, endocrine, cellular changes and cancer.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  Everything you put on the surface of your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and circulated around your body and deposits in your internal organs.  If you apply general body products on a daily basis you could potentially absorb about 5 pounds of toxins per year.  The body is not able to break these toxins down so the toxins get lodged in your cells and compound over time.   This could result in serious disease.   

Women use far more products then men and are also more likely to develop autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis etc.  Could it be that the toxins in the miriad of beauty potions women absorb is contributing to these serious health problems.

Personally….. I have researched… and  replaced all of my body products, shampoos, oral care and cosmetics to organic, pure, non-toxic, natural, artisan, simple, green products.  My daily personal hygeine time is very spa like.  I know that each and every product I apply to my face, body or teeth is a benefit to my body.  These products are made of pure organic essential oils,  totally natural organic coconut butter, artificial fragrance free,  all earth and animal friendly.  The products I use are so pure that they could be eaten with no adverse reaction. 

All of the healthy products I use can be found at the links to the left of this post.  Check them out…

Think twice next time you slather your precious body with lotions, gels etc.   Opt for the best of natural products…usually not sold in mainstream stores.  It means a whole lot to your health.


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