Put on a Happy Face

Have you come across people in your day to day experiences that have a wall around them?  I’m talking about receptionists in offices, sales clerks in stores, service people in restaurants and the list goes on.  We all have encountered these people at one time or another.  Or maybe we have even been in those shoes ourselves in the past.

You can tell that these people are behind a spiritual wall as soon as you face them or say hello to them. They respond to your approach with a very quick and very cool one word reply or maybe just a crooked smirk. The negative energy they give off is almost painful.

I feel very sad for these people. There is something troubling them. Their day has to be so unsettling and hard to get through.   It must be difficult for them to be working in a position where meeting and greeting the public is part of their day and they can’t give you a sincere hello or an easy smile.

I always try to give off positive energy with a big honest smile. It makes me feel great. I hope it gives the “walled in” person a warm feeling, hopefully changing their inner dialogue to a more positive one. Maybe so. It is possible that the next person they encounter after I have moved away might get a warmer greeting.

I hope my smiles can make a difference to someones day.

You know it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown.

Let’s all put on a happy face.  It is good energy.


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