Always Being Right

I have this little book in my library titled “The 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People” by David Niven, Ph.D.  There are 100 little chapters in the book related to everything from body image, eating spinach to listening to soft music at dinner time.  It is a very informative little book and I refer to it often.

One chapter that struck a cord with me recently is “Always Being Right is Wrong for Your Health”.



This chapter starts out with a paragraph that I will quote.
People with a very high estimation of themselves and little respect for others wind up experiencing more stress and anger as they deal with a world that constantly disappoints them.  Thinking yourself always right is neither a helpful social trait nor a sound health habit.  See the value in other people’s perspectives, even if you highly value your own.”
When you put yourself up on a pedestal above all others it may feel empowering but it actually puts you into a state of isolation from others.  It is also damaging to your health.”

The author continues to say “Bullheadedness can turn into a matter of life and death.”  Studies were conducted on heart patients in negative situations such as arguments and those who were more negative towards the other person were more likely to die within a couple of years than those with less negative ratings.

Researchers at an English University found that 62 percent of absolutist thinkers – people with a very high opinion of themselves and a low tolerance for compromise – suffered from high levels of anger and stress, which depressed the functioning of their immune system.

What you have programmed in your mind is so influential to your entire being.

WOW…That is powerful information to consider next time you think you are right.



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