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I was so fortunate to have been able to attend Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida this past March for a 3 week stay. It was a life changing experience for me. In fact the program that I did there for 3 weeks is called “The Life Change Program”. The name is very fitting.

I had heard about Hippocrates Health Institute many times on my health journey. In my library I have many DVD’s on topics relating to health and Dr. Brian Clement, the Director of Hippocrates, plays a speaking roll in many of the DVD’s. I had never really considered going there until I attended a fundraiser in Florida in early 2011. The dinner at this event was RAW vegan from start to finish and delicious. The guest speaker was Dr. Brian Clement. I was so excited to finally hear him speak in person rather than on a DVD. His message was clear and I listened to him with open ears. He was saying what I needed to hear. At the end of his presentation he allowed a Q & A period. My question was the final one of the evening. I asked him if he thought that I could control my Multiple Sclerosis following a raw vegan lifestyle. He answered with a very confident “YES…absolutely”. I left that event with an incredibly strong impulse to look into Hippocrates further.

The next morning I contacted Hippocrates Health Institute to inquire about the program. My hubby and I visited the campus, enjoyed a tour, and dined on the delicious RAW vegan fare served in the dining room for lunch. I was impressed with the facilities and the program outline. We left there that day with all of the literature we needed to learn everything necessary to make my decision. We both agreed that it would be a good place for me to go for three weeks of intense “ME” time to experience the RAW food lifestyle and to continue down my path to a life without pharmaceutical drugs. A life of good sound nutrition, spirituality, fitness and VIBRANT HEALTH. The morning after our visit I called my contact at Hippocrates and booked my 3 week stay for the very near future.

On the morning I was to check in to the Institute I was a little nervous and kind of sad to be leaving Paul and our two dogs to fend for themselves for 3 weeks. But…I was very excited to be embarking on this exciting path into the RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE. I knew that when I came out at the other end I would be a different person in many ways…and all positive.

My three weeks at Hippocrates were the most clean living, nourishing, enlightening, educating, spiritual, pampering three weeks I have ever experienced. My days were full from start to finish with a schedule that I decided on based on the itinerary offered for each day. There were different lectures going on throughout each day. You could attend Yoga, fitness classes, meditation circles, Qiqong, Tai Chi, aquatics, attend the fully loaded fitness center, pools, hot tub etc. The onsite Spa offers every form of treatment you can think of and I partook in many of the treatments such as acupuncture, neuromuscular massage, colonics, different massage therapy modalities and even phsycology sessions. It was truly pampering and health promoting.

The nutrition part of the program was powerful. I consumed wheatgrass juice shots twice during the day, green juices throughout the day, raw living vegan meals full of life giving sprouts, vegetables, nuts, seeds and the like. Upon entering the program my vital statistics and complete blood work were done. These tests were done again at the end of the stay and a comparison was done to see the changes that my body underwent living this amazing way for 3 weeks.

The day I checked into Hippocrates I was using my cane to help me get around because I was in a bit of a Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation. By around day number six I did not need my cane for the balance of my stay. I might add that I had quite a bit of walking to do between lectures, spa appointments etc. I was so happy to be able to get around cane free. Another wonderful change I experienced was that I shed 15 pounds off of my “10 pounds overweight” frame. That was not a goal of mine but certainly a bonus.

I really bonded with the RAW FOOD NUTRITION, WHEATGRASS AND GREEN JUICING. I was so impressed with what it was doing for my energy, mental clarity, joy, and general overall wellbeing. I had been vegetarian on the cusp of vegan before attending Hippocrates. Upon completion of the program I am living the “raw living food” lifestyle and following the wheatgrass and green juice schedule daily. Five months have passed and I continue to nourish my body the same way I was nourished at Hippocrates. I have so much positive energy and I know I am healing. I am more in touch with my spiritual side too. My body, mind and spirit are all working together to achieve vibrant health.







While at Hippocrates I met so many lovely people, both guests and staff of the Institute. There were so many different illnesses and spiritual weaknesses represented amongst the guests. We all had our own unique stories but we all came together as friends and helped each other get on our paths to health and wellness. It was a most enlightening experience. One I will never forget.

HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE has given me all of the tools I need to achieve my goal…”TO LIVE MY LIFE FREE OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS”.

(I ceased pharmaceutical treatment for MS in August of 2010…and I haven’t looked back!)

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