Pau D`arco

Pau d’arco  is the inner layer of bark and foliage from the Tabebui (also known as lapacho), a tree native to the Andes .   In South American folk medicine, lapacho tea (Pau d’arco) has it’s place.  It is said that one Russian czar reached one hundred and thirty years old because he drank one cup of lapacho (Pau d’arco) tea each day.

The bark of the tree has an amazing effect on human health.  It is used to help treat infections such as colds, bronchitis, asthma, digestive problems, and even cancer.    It is an anti-inflammatory and it stimulates our immune system.

You can drink this tea on a daily basis, but like anything, don’t over do it.  Pau d’arco is sold in most health food stores in the tea, herb and supplement sections.  You can get it in tea bag form or loose tea leaves, supplement and tincture form.   Steep some tea to try.  It is tasty and good for you.

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