Awakening in Nature



Have you ever gone out into nature alone, to sit quietly amongst the greenery, birds, insects and the like. It is an amazing exercise. One that makes you more aware of how everything on this planet must live and work in unisen. Every living thing is sharing the same soil, the same sun, the rain drops, the oxygen. Going out into nature and sitting peaefully in the midst of it all is a wonderful form of mediation.

I first experienced the exercise at a conference on Vancouver Island, B.C. The three day gathering at Royal Roads University was based on Mark Nepo’s book “The Book of Awakening”. (one of Oprah’s favourite things).






On one of the afternoons we were all sent out on our own to explore the lovely grounds around the campus and pay attention to nature. After 90 minutes we were to come back to our circle and talk about our observations. It was an incredibly awakening exercise. One that I implement in my life whenever I can. Listening to the collective interpretation of the experience from all that were at the conference was pleasing and an education in and of itself.

For me, learning to pay more attention to those things around me that I would pass everyday without a thought is a true awakening. It has made me more appreciative of nature and how amazing this planet and all of its inhabitants are.

I now hear the song of the birds in a different way. We have a family of loons that live in our little bay in front of our home and when they do their trademark call it is music to my ears. I now see all the different shades of green in the forest, the colours of flowers, and the ever changing shape of the clouds above. The hues of the sky at different times, grey, pale blue, white, vibrant blue has become my new ceiling. In the past I would not pay much attention to things in nature. Now I respect everything around me.

I am thinking outside of the box when it comes to our great planet. When I think about how this was all created it puts me in a state of “awe”.

Why not try this little exercise in awareness and awakening for yourself and see what comes out of it. I bet you, like me, become more appreciative of what we share this world with.

Everything living in unison, sharing for the common good.



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