My MS Story

My Multiple Sclerosis story:

I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in March of 2008.

We were in the Southern U.S. for a period of time. I was doing my fitness regime 4 mornings a week. I was noticing some strange things happening to my coordination and leg strength while on the treadmill but just thought it was sciatica or something of that nature. The symptoms continued and started to get more prominent. I was starting to get concerned. I went for massage therapy and acupuncture thinking that those treatments would help alleviate the pinched nerve or whatever was causing the weird weaknesses. Symptoms went away for a few days but then came back.

Fortunately we have a good friend who is a Neurosurgeon in the United States.   Being far away from my Canadian Doctor, our doctor friend in the U.S. suggested that we visit with him and he would do an examination and maybe he could shed some light on my symptoms. Shortly after visiting with him and going through some testing, he was able to give me a definitive diagnosis of MS.

I knew something was up long before diagnosis day.  I had been complaining off and on about strange symptoms that would come and go and had been present for about 5 years. When I was told that I had MS I was initially relieved. I finally knew that I was not neurotic. The symptoms I had been experiencing were not in my head.

Our U.S. doctor friend sent me to a Neurologist.   That Neurologist put me on a daily injection of Copaxone.  It was not much fun sticking a needle into my body every morning. This is how the drug was administered.    I did not like taking the drug.  I felt a bit like a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical industry.   I stopped the injections August 2010. My Canadian Neurologist was not thrilled with my decision to go off the injections but I was not happy using the drug so….after much consideration I decided there had to be a better, more natural way to deal with my monster.

I have come to realize that if you are doing something to your body that does not sit well with you in the emotional/spiritual sense then the negativity that comes from that action is not going to serve you well . My mind and spirit were not taking this injection positively so it was not going to help in the treatment of my MS.

After plenty of research and documentary DVD watching about curing disease…whether it be cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS etc. I came to realize that “powerhouse” nutrition was going to be my medicine.

As Hippocrates said “ Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

When I first started treating my MS I followed the Swank Diet for a year. In March 2011 I attended Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida for 3 weeks. I stayed on the campus for the entire time and experienced the “Life Change Program”. It was…as they say…life changing. I have incorporated wheatgrass juice into my daily regime, morning and afternoon. I am juicing lots of celery, cucumbers and other greens. I am enjoying a 90% RAW, LIVING FOOD DIET.

I am more joyful, more energetic, sleeping better, don’t get the afternoon fatigue I was plagued with, lost 15 pounds (not necessary…but a bonus), clear headed, feel stronger, my skin, nails and hair are great. I am happy and very optimistic.

The director of Hippocrates, Dr. Brian Clement, feels very strongly that I can heal my body following this lifestyle. It is not a short term fix but something I must commit to. That…I have done.

I am passionate about this way of life and have the absolute best of intentions when it comes to my goal which is “LIVING LIFE FREE OF MS”.

Drug free too….now that is “HEALTH WEALTH”!

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