There is a definite connection between your mind, your body and your spirit.  Our minds are constantly busy.  We think ahead, behind, we fret, we judge, we have constant thoughts running through our minds all day long.  Have you ever had a night where you are so tired that you just can’t wait to get into your bed for a good nights sleep.  Once there, your mind starts thinking about what you have to do tomorrow or what you should have done today.  You may be thinking about something that upset you at the office.  It is difficult to shut your mind off.   As tired as you are, you are still awake long after your head hit the pillow.

Learning to meditate and make it a daily habit is a very powerful tool to put in your arsenal towards “health wealth”.

Find a quiet spot in your home or outside under your favorite tree, by a lake.  Just pick a place that makes you feel peaceful.    It is time to quiet your busy mind.  Slow the thinking down.  Block all of your thoughts out.  Sit in a comfortable position…maybe in a comfy chair, legs uncrossed  or sit on the floor or ground cross legged with your hands resting on your thighs.  Just be at ease with your position and have good posture.   Close your eyes and start breathing in and out very deeply.  Be aware of your breaths.  Your mind will quiet and you will, in time, with practice, be able to quiet those non-stop thoughts buzzing through your head.  You can start your  practice with guided meditation until you are ready to venture on your own.  There are several DVD’s available that talk you through breathing and letting go of your crazy self talk.  You can download the guided meditation to your I-phone or I-pod and listen through ear buds.   I prefer this method myself as I am still relatively new at this.  The voice on my guided meditation is so soft and comforting that it takes me to a deep level of peace and quiet.

Finding time each day for an activity that brings you peace is a valuable exercise for your mind.  Just like physical fitness strengthens your physical body, meditation strengthens your inner peace.  Regular meditation practice can reduce stress, improve one’s Zzzzzz’s and add to your “Health Wealth”!

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