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As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis it is of utmost importance for me to keep my body strong. The best way to achieve this is with regular physical activity and powerhouse nutrition. Now, just because you don’t have Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t mean physical activity isn’t equally as important for you. We all need exercise to stay healthy, fit and strong. I am fortunate to have two lovely ladies that work with me. I do fitness with one of the trainers and a more pilates/yoga/stretching type of training with the other. Check out Move Your Body Fitness Studio. You will find lots of great ideas from Tanya for working on your fitness regime…at any level.

Exercise is a structured program that you do on a regular basis and physical activity includes unstructured physical motions you do throughout your day.  Both forms are beneficial for you, especially if performed for periods of 10 minutes or more.  Sustained physical activity/exercise is important for maintenance of a healthy body weight and  helps your body to fight off the risk of some diseases.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in tip top shape or you are faced with a challenge or disability.  Exercise is a must.  Schedule the time on your calendar and get it done.  Not only will you benefit in strength, stamina, energy and the like.  You will be a HAPPY person too.  The exercise endorphins you will gain from your efforts will change your moods.

Here are some alarming statistics put out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2006: (shortened version)

  • Chronic diseases account for 7 of every 10 deaths in the U.S. and for more than 60% of medical care expenditures.
  • Much of the chronic disease burden is PREVENTABLE.
  • Physical inactivity and unhealthy eating contribute to obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes (together responsible for over 300,000 deaths each year)
  • Only tobacco use causes more preventable deaths in the U.S.
  • People who AVOID RISK BEHAVIOURS can expect to live healthier and longer lives.
  • Regular exercise reduces the risk of dying from heart disease, and reduces the risk of developing colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Regular exercise helps control weight; contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints; reduces falls among elderly, helps relieve pain of arthritis; reduces anxiety and depression; associated with fewer hospitilizations, doctor visits and meds.
  • Physical activity does not need to be strenuous to be effective.  30 minutes of brisk walking 5 days a week benefits people of all ages.
  • Despite proven benefits of exercise, over 60% of adults do not get enough physical activity to provide health benefits.
  • More than 25% are not active at all in their leisure time.
  • Insufficient physical activity is not limited to adults.  More than a third of young people in grades 9 – 12 do not engage in vigorous physical activity on a regular basis.

These statistics are frightening.

We are in the midst of a CHILDHOOD OBESITY EPIDEMIC.  If the adults in society don’t get up and do what it takes to stay fit and healthy then how do we expect the children to do it.  Turn the television off for one hour a day and get out with your kids and do some PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.


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