Eating Well For Optimum Health

        Over the past several years I have poured over many, many wonderful books relating to the HEALTH AND WELLNESS field. I hardly ever have the time or the inclination to read fiction anymore. My goal with every book I read is that it is going to educate me just a little bit more on the virtues of good nutrition, exercise, spirituality and alternative medicine. I am craving more and more information on these topics and books, DVD’s, media links etc. just keep falling into my lap.

The very first book I picked up and read 16 years ago that helped to get me rolling down this road was written by Dr. Andrew Weil. The book title, very fitting….”EATING WELL FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH”. The contents of the book is all about eating well. Parts of the book were a bit scientific but I continued on, picking up many valuable pointers from Dr. Weil about improving my health with the food choices I was making. I recall that this book played a large roll in my removing restaurant fried foods such as “FRENCH FRIES” from my diet. I learned that each time the oil the fries are cooked in is heated it changes the chemistry of the oil and makes it very toxic. The book also helped me to become a bit more consumer savvy by learning to read food labels. The book inspired me to dive into the topic of nutrition and how it affects our bodies. It was the door opener to my insatiable reading and research into living a healthier way of life.

If you are just starting to make changes to your nutrition or you have already been feeding your body well I suggest this book to you. It holds a permanent
spot in my library of healthy reading material.



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