The Truth About Food Additives

With today’s constant bombardment of toxins from our air, food, water, beauty products, household cleaners, building materials etc. it is good to know that there are researchers looking out for our health. In the Canadian book “HARD TO SWALLOW….THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD ADDITIVES”, authors Doris Sarjeant and Karen Evans take the reader through a miriad of information to bring awareness to the multitude of chemicals in our food supply. The government allows thousands of chemical additives to be used in our food without knowledge of their safety.






The chapters of this book start with an alphabetical guide to food additives, followed by information about genetically engineered foods, irradiated foods, baby formulas and foods, labelling standards, the Canadian Food and Drug Act and more.

I got my hands on this book several years ago. It was published in 1999 so much has changed with our food supply since then….and not for the better.

This book is a valuable tool for someone looking to learn where the addivites hide and what they are labelled as on food packaging. If you are not convinced about the denatured and toxic food you are eating every day….may I suggest you get yourself a copy of this book and do some kitchen cupboard comparisons of processed foods you may stock with the food additives listed in this book.  You will be amazed at what you will find.  I did this exercise years ago and it really opened my eyes to what is in our food supply.

Some of the chemicals that are used in Canada and the United States are banned in Europe.

There is one category given to many chemicals and foods and that is GRAS which means “generally recognized as safe“  This is a U.S. category used since 1958  for food additives which are considered to be unquestionably safe in order to avoid expensive toxicological testing as required by law.  Consumers have become more educated in this regard and have brought attention to the inadequacies of the FDA testing and the complete absense of testing the GRAS category.  Numerous toxic additives are still used in food and are on the GRAS list.


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