Foods for Beauty

One of my mentors is David “Avocado” Wolfe.

I have read all of his books and the information he shares is invaluable to your “health wealth”.

The raw foods he favours for “beauty” are listed below in alphabetic order. By putting these nutritious powerhouse foods inside your body you will achieve radiant beauty on the outside.

The beauty foods are aloe vera, arugula, burdock root, coconut, cucumber, durian, figs, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, nettles, olives and olive oil, onion, papaya, pumpkin seeds, radishes, tumeric and watercress.

I have incorporated all of these foods in my beauty regime following David’s lead. They have made a difference to my skin tone, my hair and nails. I know they have made a positive difference to my health in more ways than just on the surface.

It is so easy to include them in your day.

You can drink ALOE VERA juice or add it to your green juices or smoothies.   ARUGULA is a delicious green to make a salad with. Just toss it with fresh lemon and a bit of olive oil and Himalayan sea salt and you have a tasty salad.   BURDOCK ROOT is found in most health food grocery stores in the same area you would find ginger root or tumeric root. I add it to my green juice.   COCONUT has endless possibilites. You can use coconut meat in many recipes, coconut water in smoothies or on it’s own, cooking with coconut oil is amazing, and it is amazing rubbed on your skin as a moisturizer.   CUCUMBER is very versatile. It can be added to salads. I juice plenty of cucumber daily.   DURIAN (Jackfruit) is an Asian fruit. It is not as readily available in North America but I get mine freeze-dried from one of my favorite online health food sources.   It makes a wonderful snack when it it freeze-dried…almost like candy.    I use FIGS as a sweetener for some of my raw desserts and I add them to my raw cereal.   HEMP SEEDS are tossed on my cereal, salads, used in cracker recipes and to make hemp milk.   MACADAMIA NUTS are good to make raw cheese with and also added to desserts.   I drink NETTLE tea.   OLIVES and OLIVE OIL are a daily staple in my salad and food prep regime.   ONION always plays a role in my day whether it be on a salad, in a dehydrated cracker recipe or in my collard wraps.  PAPAYA is a wonderful breakfast fruit or snack. Great for digestion.   PUMPKINS SEEDS are sprinkled on my salad and used often in cracker recipes.   RADISHES are always on my daily salads and quite often I just munch on them as a snack.   TUMERIC is a component of my Chlorella tablets but I also buy the root and use it in salads and add dried tumeric to many recipes.   WATERCRESS is a great salad green.  I also juice watercress with celery, cucumber, kale and sprouts to make my daily green juice.

Those are just a few ways that I add all of these beauty foods to my daily regime. Why not add a few to your regime and reap the benefits for inner and outer beauty. 


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