Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

As my readers know, I’m a huge supporter of the Natural News website operated by Mike Adams, Health Ranger. Recently I read a very interesting article called “Top 10 Cancer Causing Food Ingredients to Avoid and Why”. I would like to share things I learned from this article with you and other tidbits of information […]

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Cannellini Bean

If you’ve been reading my posts in the past then you know that I love beans.  I actually crave meals with beans in them.  They are a great source of fiber and protein for me, and they fit into the Swank Diet for MS in moderation.  Beans are good for everyone. A bean that is […]

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Vegan Pumpkin Squares

It’s that time of year when we gather together with family and friends to give thanks for the bounty of nourishing foods provided to us from MOTHER NATURE. I give thanks for all of the blessings in my life from my loving and supportive hubby, to my dear family and awesome friends, my cute puppy […]

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Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is essential in our bodies for many reasons. Most of us are deficient in this mineral and the health issues related to being deficient can be quite serious. I suspect that I was one of those people deficient in magnesium until a few years ago when I started to add magnesium citrate to my […]

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Being Strong!

“Being strong doesn’t mean hiding your pain.  It doesn’t mean forgoing help when you’re struggling.  It doesn’t mean refusing to show sadness and vulnerability.  And it doesn’t mean carrying the burdens of life all by yourself.  Anything that prevents your healing and stifles your growth does not correspond with strength.  Being strong means refusing to […]

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Vegan Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Oh my, this recipe is oh so yummy……trust me. Who doesn’t love homemade apple crisp with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream on top.  I use almond ice cream on mine to keep it vegan. It is the perfect dessert for fall when the apples are at their peak.  This recipe makes a […]

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Powerful Pomegranates

The pomegranate is a powerhouse fruit full of antioxidants and nutrients.  The juice and seeds of the pomegranate are the part that you consume. This fruit is considered a “super fruit” because of all of it’s benefits to your body.  If you could add pomegranate in some form, to your diet every day, you would […]

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Affirmations are simple statements or phrases that help to keep us consciously in tune with our thoughts. We spend our days in constant thought processes, most of them negative.  When you start to practice using positive affirmations you change your sub-conscious mind from being negative to being happy, and emotionally strong.  These positive mental images […]

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Purple Foods

Purple foods are so good for you. The pigment that makes blueberries, some potatoes, some kinds of carrots, red onions, beets, cabbage, and eggplant purple is what makes them so good for us.  This purple pigment is a potent antioxidant known as anthocyanins.  You will also get this pigment from other berries, red grapes, cherries, pomegranates and plums.  […]

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Green Lentil Salad

I have mentioned before that I love lentils.  I use them in many recipes as they are a great source of protein and fiber for my vegan, whole foods way of eating.  Lentils are very versatile and lend themselves to just about any recipe using beans, legumes etc.   A bonus over other beans is that […]

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